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This posing guide is a must-have addition to my photography book. It goes into specific detail of how to interact with each subject/group, what to say to your subjects, where to place your subjects, and how to achieve those natural, un-posed poses!

Here’s what is revealed in this book:

•   The different scenarios including, Newborns, Babies & Toddlers, Kids, Seniors, Couples, Families, and Large Groups and what you need to know specifically regarding each one.
•   The sneaky tactics of how to put your subjects at ease thus accomplishing that “Natural Lifestyle Look”.
•   What every photographer should know about capturing the moment and not just forcing the mood.
•   Specific advice to help you accomplish the perfect photo session.
•   And, the key to unlocking the photo’s you desire.

It also includes over 200 photo examples to give you ideas and show you exactly where to place your subject(s).

This guide is a digital download.


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If you have read my photography book, this is also the perfect addition for you to reference back to when you are out and about with your camera. It lists 6 quick and easy steps to begin shooting along with pictures referencing Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed.

The 5-page guide is available for immediate download and is in a 5×7 format that can be printed on your home printer or sent to a photo printing center.



This is a digital download.


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